This week all your energies will be directed to attain the prosperity, progress and unity in the family. From the beginning of the month there would be great signs of attachment, harmony and mutual cooperation in the family. The support of family members shall help you consolidate your saving potential in the mid of the week.The cooperation of your children and advice of mother would prove instrumental for enhancing prosperity in the family. There is possibility of celebration of some auspicious ceremony in the middle of the week. There would be few problems of mood swings in the mid of the week however it shall be an auspicious Muhurat for worshipping goddess Kali. In the mid of the week you are advised not to get into any type of argument with anybody as otherwise your mental peace might get affected unnecessarily. Your health shall remain perfectly fine throughout the week. During weekend days you would be spending lot of time with your kith and kin. You would be getting affection of your friends and relatives.