Patrick Mohanne, Co, Derry, N.Ireland

My partner and I had lived together for over 6 years and everything was going okay until one day she said she wanted a change. I didn’t think for a minute she meant she wanted to end our relationship but she did. She just packed and walked out one day when I was at work. I must admit I didn’t take it very well. There was no reason for her to that. I started drinking heavily and I was scouring the Internet for answers. I came across this website and in a “moment of madness” I called Guruji who politely said he would call me back next day. That was the best call I ever made. Guruji saved my life as far as I’m concerned. My partner came back a couple of weeks later and everything has now returned to normality. Guruji and his special mantras are very powerful and I’m so glad he helped me.