Miss Razia Khan, Birmingham, Aston

I came to see Astrologer Guruji in April of 2011, at that time I was in a very bad emotional and physical state. I had interacted with a physic

healer before I met with Guruji, who promised me he would reunite me with my lost love in a matter of days, he guaranteed this to me. He took a large amount of money from me and was based in Canada, America.

He kept saying how it’s a difficult case and he will need more and more money, I became tired of his unfulfilled promises and refused to continue. That is when I came to see Guruji after researching him on the net and all the positive feedback he has had with similar cases.
Guruji recognised my state and understood how I was feeling 100%. I told him how my boyfriend had left me without any reason and it had been months and he refuses to meet with me, he didn’t reply to emails or texts messages, he wouldn’t even answer my phone calls and if I called him off a private number he would answer the call he would hang up as soon as he heard my voice. He didn’t even give me a reason for our break up and why he made the decision he did.
I tried for months to get him to see me or speak to me but he refused, it felt like he had no recollection of our relationship at all, I went from being the love of his life to a stranger who was harassing him within a week. I needed answers for his actions and also I wanted him back, because I loved him so much.

Guruji told me that this was possible, but nothing is 100% guaranteed and that he will do his upmost and with the help of God he will return. He also told me that this process may take up to 3 months and I had to be patient, he stated that these things don’t happen in a matter of days, at that point I knew Guruji was referring to the man in Canada who I had been to before him. The fact that Guruji knew this without me telling him amazed me, I could tell Gurujis genuinity through his words and actions.

Guruji started my work and made predictions to how things will happen when he does come back, things like what he will say and things he will do. He helped me regain my confidence and appreciate myself as these things were lacking in my life. He continually reassured me when I felt down.

Four months down the line my boyfriend is back in my life and he is more caring and considerate then he was before this happened. All the predictions made by Guruji have come to light and I have been astonished at the accuracy of his predictions. I am in a much better place now than I ever was before I met with Guruji.

He is modest, sincere and 100% genuine, I was afraid before I met him because of bad experiences with bad apples in the industry but I am so glad I met Guruji as he is truly amazing, I feel like I have found a friend in him.

I cannot thank you enough for all the support and guidance you have given.