The stellar combination this month, does not favour you a great deal. Especially those of you who are prone to chronic irregularities of the back and complaints like ulcers have every reason to be careful about their health. This merely means that they should exercise all the normal care, plus take quick medical treatment whenever needed. This done, there are hardly any grounds for further worry. Any sudden onset of an acute ailment like fevers or inflammatory conditions should be similarly guarded against. If you have noted the above and translate the same to actions, you can steer clear of any serious trouble despite an unfavourable situation.


Nothing favourable for your financial prospects, in the augury, from the stars this month. Even with a certain amount of help you would be able to realize your planned objectives. There would be a good deal travel, but this, too, would appear to be a pointless exercise and bear no fruit. In fact, even small gains may be difficult to come by. There is the further danger that those engaged in exports, imports or any other dealing with foreign countries would also suffer a set-back. The climate would be hardly congenial for investment or new ventures, and you would do well to maintain a low profile, till the adverse spell is over.


Nothing very encouraging for your professional prospects in the configuration of stars facing you during the ensuring month. True that the work-load may not be very heavy, yet at the same time your efforts would have little chance of realizing your expected gains. This would be true of the working climate as well. Even though there would be direct conflict to vitiate the atmosphere, there would be a number of small irritants that would make work something of an unpleasant burden. Contacts and influential friends would also not be able to do much good for you. This means it would be a wise policy to minimize dependence on others.


This month the going will tend to be slow and tedious in your educational pursuits, since the configuration of stars facing you is not very favourable. These sitting for competitive examinations must go in for extra coaching, since this might be necessary for success. Further, most of you must guard against a self-assertive and headstrong attitude towards your teachers. This sort of an attitude would make learning very difficult. Those studying music, dance, painting, sculpture and the like should be prepared to put in a good deal more than the usual effort to reach their objectives. This would be necessary because of a basically unfavourable set of circumstances you are likely to face.


This month there are prospects of a good deal of official travel for most of you which would prove to be extremely gainful in most ways since the stars are quite favourably disposed. The most favourable of your sojourns would be those undertaken Westwards. Further there is the added possibility of some beneficial trips abroad. Not much of this would be by air, most of it being by road or by rail. Some of you would travel or holiday with your families.


This month your family atmosphere may not remain very pleasant, since the combination of stars facing you is not too favourable. You all might face chronic cash shortages during this period, which could persist for particularly the whole period. There is further the likelihood of the family coming under debt as a result of this. You would do well to prevent such a possibility by planning your expenses carefully well in advance. Further, there is the possibility of serious differences with your brothers. This could lead to an extremely unpleasant situation. Here, also, you should steer a course of action away from the trouble spots. Children may also require extra attention.


Your children may face circumstances that could make progress difficult for them during the coming month, since the stars are not favourably disposed. Their performance at studies and in other extra curricular activities may be below average giving cause for concern. Those pursuing the arts have special reason to be concerned since they might face a particularly adverse set of circumstances. Those appearing for competitive examinations would do well to go in for extra coaching, since for the examination this might make all the difference.