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A Detailed Marriage Compatibility Report by Guruji Astrologer will involve a comprehensive study of the various gunas of the two horoscopes and how they are likely to react once brought together in union. It is possible that the two horoscopes are able to come together in a reciprocal manner but in some cases this is not possible.

This detailed compatibility report will define all the characteristics of a potential relationship and will also provide information relating to compatibility. Guruji Astrologer’s report is based on physical, mental and spiritual compatibility.

Hinduism Spiritual Welfare Organisation

Best #Astrology Advise from #IndianAstrologerGuruji And #SpiritualHealerGuruji Regarding #LordRahu🙏 And #LordSaturn🙏We should focus on #LordSaturn and #LordRahu. #LordSaturn is the planet of justice, son of Lord Sun, slow moving planet with an outer ring. The ring indicates limit or boundaries. #LordRahu, on the other hand, a head only, smoky planet, is an illusion creator, and moves faster than #LordSaturn, and is always retrograde.
#LordSaturn and #LordRahu, both do not like #LordSun🌞, and thus like each other. When #LordRahu conjuncts with any planet, it creates illusion of being a bigger planer. For example, if Raja Dhiraj #Rahu Dev conjuncts with Lord Mars , then #LordMars feels more power in himself (mostly in negative way).Similarly, if #LordRahu conjuncts with #Lord Moon, then #Lord Moon feels more power, which he is not able to handle, and as a result, makes the native too emotional which may make him unstable.However, when these two friends conjuncts in any chart, #LordRahu reduces the ill effects of #LordSaturn and #LordSaturn reduces the ill effects of #LordRahu. Nevertheless, the exact result would also depend on many other factors, such as the degree of #Rahu🙏and #Saturn🙏🙏
Do not hesitate, if you need help to fix your problems by Ancient #VedicMantras 🙏Talk To #GurujiAstrologer And Mantras Specialist now and get the Precise Astrological Guidance that will help you to proceed wisely and avoid making mistakes.
Please Call / WhatsApp #GurujiAstrologer for Personalized Astrological Consultation on +44 (0) 7714 20 9494.

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Appeal for Hindu Religion Temple

Some people believe in luck, some believe in fate and Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life and some practitioners and scholars refer to it as Sanatana Dharma.

Hinduism is the world’s third Largest Religion with over one billion followers or 15% of the global population.

Vedic Astrologer And Mantras Specialist Guruji would like to invite all fellow Prospective Clients to join him in both spreading the Hindu word of love and peace, and in promoting the Hindu religion. To that effect Astro Guruji would like to build a new Hindu temple. The temple would become a community hub for all Hindus and others, and for holding spiritual ceremonies of marriage, Astrology Vedic NavGraha Poojas and prayers.

In order to make this intention a reality, Astro Guruji will accept donations and pledges from all interested parties. Please contact Guruji Astrologer And Mantras Specialist for further information.

Office: 36A Birmingham Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 6NS

Telephone : +44 (0) 7714 20 9494


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Appeal for Hindu Religion Temple

“Good Luck Guruji Astrologer”

Some people believe in luck, some believe in fate and some people don’t believe in either. Luck is something you cannot see or touch but it does exist. We know this because some people have been blessed with luck. There has been many a time when all had seemed lost, when suddenly luck played a hand and everything worked out okay.

It is said certain people are lucky and can bring luck to others. This has been said often about Guruji Astrologer. Many of his clients has stated that whenever they meet or talk with Guruji, their luck has changed for the better. Guruji Astrologer is the bringer of good luck. Now people are calling him “Good Luck Guruji Astrologer”.

23 Years of Successful Astrology, Palmistry And Vedic Mantras Services

23 years 2018 marks the 23rd anniversary of the UK’s most highly successful and best regarded Indian Vedic Astrologer Guruji. During this time Guruji Astrologer has grown in popularity and his services are now well known throughout the UK, where he settled over two decades ago.
He has since expanded his astrology business and now operates from both Birmingham and South London, where by appointment his prospective clients can arrange a one-to-one meeting with him face to face. He does however have world-wide reach by telephone, email, Skype, Viber and Whatsapp, ensuring he is accessible to all his clients wherever they are. Guruji Astrologer, Astrology And Mantras Specialist would like to express a very warm, whole-hearted thankyou to all his clients and followers everywhere in the world for their loyal support over the last 23 years.


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