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My partner and I had lived together for over 6 years and everything was going okay until one day she said she wanted a change. I didn’t think for a minute she meant she wanted to end our relationship but she did. She just packed and walked out one day when I was at work. I must admit I didn’t take it very well. There was no reason for her to that. I started drinking heavily and I was scouring the Internet for answers. I came across this website and in a “moment of madness” I called Guruji who politely said he would call me back next day. That was the best call I ever made. Guruji saved my life as far as I’m concerned. My partner came back a couple of weeks later and everything has now returned to normality. Guruji and his special mantras are very powerful and I’m so glad he helped me.

Patrick Mohanne, Co, Derry, N.Ireland 12/02/2017

My husband left me for another woman about 6 months ago. I was devastated and left to bring up our 2 year old daughter on my own, although my family helped me as much as they could. I cried every night and was so upset my brother called Guruji and told him what had happened. Guruji asked to speak with me and from that moment on I believed in him. Yesterday my husband came back home and begged for me to forgive him, which I did. We atre now rebuilding our lives and our marriage. I don’t think it would have happened this way without the help of Guruji and I will always be grateful to him for what he did for me.

Evelyn Kasey, Wolverhampton, UK 12/01/2017

At my brother’s wedding I got a bit drunk and had a big argument with my wife. She packed her things and left me that same night. I don’t blame her for leaving me but I tried to get her back and she wouldn’t even speak to me. A friend told me to contact Guruji who advised me about what I should do. That was 9 weeks ago. Then my wife just came back and said let’s start again. I was shocked and very happy too. I think Guruji has some kind of magic powers because he told me that she would come back and he was right. Thank you Guruji for all your help and advice.

Benjamin Cartouke, Montreal, Canada 21/12/2016

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