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To some people marriage is a very sacred thing. It's a coming together of two people who have agreed to share in each other's lives. And that means sharing the good times as well as the bad times. Marriage is

the ultimate action of two people who are in love and know, deep in their hearts, that there will never be anyone else for them. The bond will never be broken. At least that's what is expected at the time of the wedding.

However, in reality life isn't always that simple. There are many things in a marriage that can weaken the bond, cast doubt over the relationship and eventually destroy all that was once cherished.

Some of the reasons marriages break up include infidelity, in which case there is often no way back, unless there is much understanding and forgiveness. Other reasons are much less treacherous and might include money. Lack of money can cause all kinds of problems in a marriage but for some it can have the effect of forming a closer bond, as each

partner strives to provide for the other.

For Vedic Spiritual Ritual - Spiritual Healing - A ritual by its very name means a rite or ceremony, and so a spiritual ritual is a spiritual ceremony performed by a Hindu practitioner. There are many different types of spiritual ritual depending on the subject and the reason for it. For example, transcendence is a ritual that leads to the state of awareness.

What Is Spiritual Healing? - Spiritual healing is the process in which you recharge the mind, body and spirit through a universal energy that is still not quite fully understood. As more traditional methods of curing and healing are coming under scrutiny, due their cost and side effects, many people are now looking for safer alternatives. And although herbal remedies may offer some relief for the more common ailments, it is the holistic options which are capturing the imagination.

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