Why Are Some People Malevolent Towards World Famous Guruji Astrologer?

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Indian Vedic Astrologer Guruji, is famous the world over. He has been practicing his craft for more than 36 years and has become a trusted source for help, advice and guidance to many followers in the UK, India, Canada, Africa, Australia, Dubai and even Saudi Arabia.

guruji shashiHe has many thousands of loyal devotees and clients, who will testify to his good works and deeds.

In 1995, Guruji was invited to the UK by British Airways for his Astrological services and has resided here ever since. He currently has offices in Birmingham and South London but also travels back to his native Delhi to perform personal astrological readings for many of his high ranking Indian clients. Some of Guruji’s clients are sports personalities, some are actors and some are politicians. All have willingly placed their trust in him because they have been witness to his special abilities.

Guruji Astrologer is one of very few people, who is wholly recognised as a genuine psychic healer and indian astrologer. Through Astrology consultation, counselling and his special mantras he can help bring back an ex-partner, heal a rift in a relationship, support those who have been cursed and help return their lives to normality. His predictions are uncannily accurate and that’s why he is often consulted by clients about important business decisions, career and job prospects, money and health.

His goal is to bring harmony, peace and happiness into your life but unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. Despite his undeniable worldwide reputation as a spiritual healer ( Mantras Specialist ), relationship counsellor and highly rated astrologer, people will seek to slur his integrity. They are intent on damaging his good character. Hardly a day goes by when someone, somewhere in the world isn’t trying to blacken his name through libel and slander. But this is to be expected.

When a person becomes famous there will always be those who are jealous of another’s success. There will always be those who have themselves failed in life and now want to seek revenge on those who have worked hard and built a good reputation. Just as the gutter press salivates with excitement at the very thought of bringing down a politician through their derogatory front page headlines. Jealousy and envy are dangerous emotions of inadequacy, in which no one can truly benefit.


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Vedic Astrologer Guruji does nothing, which is either illegal or dishonest. He always makes it clear to his clients that his services are a form of counselling and he offers help and advice based on his knowledge and experiences. His skills as an astrologer are without question and due mainly to his many years of studying the art in great detail. If he was a charlatan, as some of his antagonists claim, then why has he become more popular over the years? Why after 36 years is he still practicing?

His longevity is simply down to his numerous successes. He has stood the test of time and still stands head and shoulders above the rest. A person can only achieve this status if they are recognised as an authority in their field, which Astrologer Guruji clearly is. Others will come and say negative things about Guruji but the voices of the many will drown out their pitiful cries.

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