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Indian Vedic Astrologer Guruji, is famous the world over. He has been practicing his craft for more than 36 years and has become a trusted source for help, advice and guidance to many followers in the UK, India, Canada, Africa, Australia, Dubai and even Saudi Arabia.

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Vedic Mantras and Remedies for Reducing the Malefic ( Bad)Effects of Shani Graha By Guruji Astrologer

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Lord Rahu ( Dragon Head ) Bless You All With Unlimited Prosperity, Happiness, Good Health And Sudden Monetary Gain In 2017.

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The planets have since changed positions and now with a brand New Year ahead, what will this mean for you and your future? Indian Astrologer Guruji has the answers.

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Call Guruji Astrologer Now On +44 (0) 7714209494 To Get Astrological Consultation and Fix Your Problems By Vedic Mantras.  Is life getting you down because of your relationship? An unhappy marriage or relationship can affect you in so many ways, making you look for a way to escape the pressures.


Did you manage to achieve everything you set out to do in 2016? Many people make resolutions at the start of a new year but if you were one of them and you didn’t manage to reach your goals, it’s not too late. A New Year brings new opportunities.


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Astrological Consultation And Fix Problems By MantrasGuruji Offering These Astrological Services In UK For Last 21+ Years

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जय श्री राम
श्री हनुमानजी महाराज की जय हो

Career & Business
Choosing a right career according to your strength, passion and focus is our forte in this special segment.


According to Hindu astrology, Shukra Dev is part of the nine planets (navagrahas) and considered an auspicious planet. Lord Shukra’s gem is the diamond, metals are silver and copper, and he is the guardian of the south-east direction.

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