A good month, for your health affairs, during which the sun will impart to you, extra ordinary strength and vitality, making for a sound constitution. This does not imply that caution should be thrown to the winds. Apart from normal healthy living, there are grounds for you to be a little extra careful about ailments of the digestive tract, particularly excess of wind. Also, any affliction, even a minor one, should be treated without any loss of time. This is particularly true since recuperation would tend to complicate matters, being a slow and tedious process. There is nothing to worry about this month, because the stars are quite favourably disposed towards your health affairs. Simple, normal precautions should suffice.


This month the prospects for your financial affairs are quite bright. Those dealing with Government would stand to gain quite a bit. As would people employed in the steel industry, or trading or dealing in steel goods. There is a distinct possibility that any litigation or dispute that you might be involved in would be decided in your favour. Not only that, but you would also gain financially from such a decision. You must, therefore, work to see that any such a dispute comes up for decision during this period. Most of you would be able to receive expected gains through your efforts. Further, the climate would be very congenial for investment and new ventures which you should boldly carry out.


Your prospects for doing well professionally are somewhat weak this month. There are indications that you would have to work quite hard, and tact, too, without commensurate rewards during this coming period. There would be a certain amount of travel, either for business or job purposes. But this would fail to fulfil your expectations to any significant extent. Contacts, too, would not be very useful. In fact, there is a possibility of differences of opinion with your superiors. This should be avoided at all costs. You must, therefore, have the foresight to anticipate difficult situations and take suitable measures to prevent any tension from building up.


This month you can expect smooth sailing in your educational pursuits, since the stars are quite favourable inclined. There may be some trouble about higher education, but those in a technical course involving skills and dexterity could do extremely well. In fact, in these areas some of you could well go on to notch up significant success. Those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching and work hard right from the beginning if they want to ensure success. The artistically inclined would have a productive spell and have to work forward to do very well in their respective pursuits.


Any sizeable profit from travel are very unlikely this month since the stars are not too well disposed. It might be necessary for you to travel a good deal in connection with your job or business. Most of this would be by train or by road with a fair percentage being by air. You would however be unable to fulfil the stipulated targets. The most favourable direction would be East but during this month it may not yield any significant benefits. Foreign travel would also not be very useful. In fact, it may add to your difficulties.


Throughout this month, peace and harmony may prevail in your family, since the stars are not in an obliging mood. You may face some serious problems from your servants or employees. It would, therefore, be a good idea to maintain cordial relations with such people. There is further likelihood that some of you would develop serious differences with your father. You should, therefore, exercise utmost caution in not being provoked into any kind of confrontation with your elders and stay away from trouble spots. Relations with other members of your family could also be strained, especially your wife.


This month your children would do well only if you supervise their affairs carefully, since the stars have not held out unconditional blessings to them. Problems with children would naturally call for greater attention. This would be in terms of discipline primarily. Their affairs may get stuck in a nut, which with a little extra care would get solved and yield fruitful results. Some of them may become introverted and tend to be disobedient and stubborn. But here again, understanding and some appreciation could make them work very hard for their goals.