This month, dame fortune is quite favourably disposed towards your health. Sun would impart extra ordinary vitality and strength to you, making for a sound constitution. Despite being in the pink of health most of the time, there is a note of caution which must be rounded. This relates to treating even a minor complaint in an expeditious manner, because despite all the favourable circumstances, recuperation may tend to be a slow and tedious process. This means speedy relief should be obtained in case of any complaint. This is merely a precautionary measure, and nothing to cause worry, because in the present month your health would remain quite satisfactory.


Nothing propitious about the augury from the stars in so far as your financial prospects are concerned. Despite the association of gifted people of learning and spiritual stature, you are unlikely to benefit very much. In fact, most of you could well be working very hard and struggling to achieve expected gains. Yet, despite all your efforts, there would be little chance of success. A pretty bleak scenario, made perhaps more so by the fact that any dispute or litigation that you might be involved in would go against you. You can only try to get the decision deferred to a more auspicious and later period. The climate would also not be congenial for investment or new ventures.


This should be a month during which the climate for professional improvement should be quite favourable. You would tend to put in much more than normal effort in your work. This would be, however, to your advantage. Travel also is indicated, either for business or in connection with your job. The outcome should be quite gainful. Travel to the North should be particularly beneficial. In the process of consolidating your career, contacts of your father or some elderly family member would be quite useful. Bear this in mind, so that you are able to derive the necessary advantage at the right moment. All in all, a good month for you in so far as your career prospects are concerned.


No smooth sailing can be expected in your educational endeavours during this coming month since the stars are in no mood to oblige. Those going in for higher studies would face one problem or the other in their pursuits. Finally, sheer hard work and dedication might tilt the balance in their favour. It would be the same story with those pursuing technical studies, law, medicine or the fine arts. All these people would have to make a far greater effort to get to their objectives. Those sitting for competitive exams should also go in for extra coaching if they want to ensure success.


An excellent month in which you will reap a rich harvest of gains from travel since the stars are quite favourably placed for this. Students wanting to pursue higher studies or training abroad or in far off places in the country should boldly proceed in their attempts since success is virtually certain. Your business or job would require that you undertake a good deal of travel. You would travel alone. Most of the journeys would be by train or by road with a fair percentage being by air. Your efforts would bring you a lot of success. The most favourable direction would be east.


A beneficial month for your family, during which you would face very few problems, since the stars are favourably placed. The family atmosphere would remain pleasant with harmony among the members and no evidence of any discord. Financially also you all would fare quite well, with a rise in income a virtual certainty. This should see you in a comfortable position. Children would do well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. This would be a source of great satisfaction. The elders in the family would bless you sincerely, since they would be quite pleased with your conduct.


An excellent month for your children most of whom would have a good time during the coming one month, since the stars are out to bless them. Their performance would endear them to their teachers, who in turn may pay extra attention to their affairs. In an overall atmosphere of good cheer, they would win many friends and earn a good deal of popularity. This means that their performance would not only be above average in studies, but also in extra curricular activities. Parents would be very happy with their affairs.