Real Ruby For Lord Sun

rubyThe Ruby gemstone is considered an absolute must for anyone involved in the legal profession, political leaders or anything related to authority, law & Government. It is recommended for engineers, mineralogists, goldsmiths, diplomats, stock brokers, merchants, artists, actors and creative people. Its influence also extends to the signs with Lagna Cancer, Scorpio & Sagittarius regarding wealth, assets, savings, professional speaking, career, status, prestige, honour, ability, luck and prosperity. Astrologically the Ruby represents the life stone for Rising Sign Lagna Leo regarding stability, vision, imagination, drive, health, fitness & establishment.
The Ruby represents the Sun and can affect the wearer by making them feel livelier, removing gloom and depression, while also safeguarding against evil spirits. When worn by men it is known to enhance manliness and nobility. In women it is said to evoke passion and power. Ruby is also said to greatly improve the wearer’s blood circulation and help with the relief of stomach disorders.
The Ruby gemstone is usually found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colours, which range from pale pink to a deep ruddy violet colour. The finest quality Ruby may have a delicate or deep rose colour.