Blue Sapphire For Lord Satrun

blue sapphireThe Blue Sapphire is associated with horoscopes with rising sign ascendant Taurus, Libra, Capricorn & Aquarius. In Vedic Astrology the Blue Sapphire gemstone represents the planet Saturn. Known for enhancing health, stability, vision, imagination, peace of mind, wealth, assets, power in presentation and confidence. It is also associated with the rising sign Lagna Taurus & Libras relating to luck, spirituality, status, prestige, career, profession, establishment, power, authority, happiness, family comforts, properties, assets, creativity, activity, vision, imagination, decisions, education and childbirth.
A Blue Sapphire is essential for professional or business people whose work is associated with property, building, building materials, steel, construction, land, property developer, petrol, and alcohol.
This gemstone is highly effective to the wearer helping them achieve huge amounts of success. It is stated that Saturn gives you any success without doing hard work. However, it is very important to get an accurate and expert horoscope reading by an experienced Astrologer before wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone as it can have very destructive effects for those not suited.

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