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The transit of slow moving planets can change the world in several ways. With Saturn entering into the 9th House of travel in the Zodiac, Sagittarius brings to the attentionmatters like the recent immigration and travel restrictions imposed by the USA. The disorder of the Sun by Ketu has seen the political scenario in India hotting up.
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Because Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu are the slow-moving planets, they exert great influence on mankind in general and are instrumental in major events or disruptions throughout the world. As they remain in a sign for a considerable period of time they are animportant aspect in shaping the fortunes of the future.
The universe is currently flourishing with much activity. The Sun and Mercury will soon be joining retrograde Venus in Pisces and Mars will be content cruising in its own Sign Aries.
Up to 4 planets will be moving in a retrograde motion simultaneously after a few weeks, dramatic developments are predicted. A time for the unexpected and unfamiliar is looming.
Discover these transit reports provided by GurujiAstrologer and understand how these transits can affect your life.

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