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romance loveA happy life is one that is complete, and in almost every case that means having someone in your life. Spending your life with the right person and sharing all that comes your way will lead to harmony and contentment. All most people want from life is to be happy but how will you know if you have chosen the right person for you? Vedic Astrology can help and guide you.


A horoscope reading, which can be prepared for you and your intended long term partner, could save you from making a big mistake. A Love Life Relationship Analysis Report can reveal whether you are both compatible and whether the relationship will grow stronger in time, or not.

This in-depth report can reveal...

Physical Compatibility: This aspect of the report can reveal the level of physical attraction and love. Will it last?

  • Charges £210.00

service 5 150This report outlines all the vital elements for professional and career growth and will also indicate the years in your life when you can expect to reach the peak of your career. Guruji Astrologer will not only provide information that will tell you how far you will go in your career but also which field of work is going to be right for you.

All your questions will be answered in detail giving you a clear picture of what lies ahead for you. This report will also include information about any limitations or if any astrological synchronization is missing. Guruji Astrologer’s in-depth report will tell you how to exactly balance your astrological equation, remove obstacles by mantras and achieve the highest possible acclaim.

  • Charges £ 550.00

service 6 150The “Ayur-Jyoti” technique uses Vedic astrology to determine potential weak spots. If you have a tendency toward various types of illnesses, Guruji Astrologer can help and advise accordingly. He will do this by analyzing the planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart. Guruji Astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease and advise about best possible solutions.

Your health is the most important aspect of your life and without good health you might be unable to carry out normal, everyday living without medical aid. It’s very important to know how best to make the most of your health and stay healthy into your later life, allowing you to achieve all the things you want from life.

  • Charges £ 210.00

radha krishan 150A Marriage, Relationship, Romance and Love Life Consultation by Guruji Astrolger is based on your choice of a life partner. Finding the right partner can help you achieve an extremely satisfying and happy life, whilst choosing the wrong life partner can lead to a life of misery and depression.

Guruji Astrologer can provide vital information about whether two individual horoscopes will be totally compatible. However, it is whether they are still compatible in marriage that will make the difference. Characters and temperaments can change with marriage and over time. Know if your partner is best for you in the long term.

  • Charges £ 300.00

love 150A Detailed Marriage Compatibility Report by Guruji Astrologer will involve a comprehensive study of the various gunas of the two horoscopes and how they are likely to react once brought together in union. It is possible that the two horoscopes are able to come together in a reciprocal manner but in some cases this is not possible.

This detailed compatibility report will define all the characteristics of a potential relationship and will also provide information relating to compatibility. Guruji Astrologer’s report is based on physical, mental and spiritual compatibility.

  • Charges £350.00

service 7 150Guruji astrologer has consulted with many thousands of parents who have children of marriageable age, and in some cases with the prospective brides and grooms also. Despite resistance from the prospective parties to the compatibility report and despite being strongly advised against the match, the couples have still proceeded to marry. Unfortunately divorce proceedings have come along a short time later.

Compatibility for marriage by Guruji Astrologer will only define the numerous aspects of the existing relationship but also provide information about how compatible you both are physically, mentally and spiritually. The information provided will determine whether your relationship will develop over time and make you both suitable for marriage.

  • Charges £ 210.00

service 4 150Guruji Astrologer’s Intensive Consultation report will provide astrological information covering the next 3 years predictions, recommendations, forecasts and precautions including Maha Rishi Bhrigu mantras remedies. This is a very detailed personal report, which will include invaluable and insightful information about your career, business, health (relationship and financial matters.

This information will also include an explanation of your ruling planet and its period, sub planet’s period & future prospects all the rising zones. This intensive Astrological consultation report will scan the next three years of your life, which will prove to be invaluable to those people who are considering to plan their life into the future.

  • Charges £ 551.00

question 150Prashna Kundali sometimes known as the Horary Astrology system is a unique system of Vedic Astrology that analyses the kundali of the question (Prashna) itself to find answers to a person’s questions.

It is very important that when an individual approaches Guruji Astrologer for the first time, the exact time and date are recorded. With a telephone consultation, Guruji Astrologer will note the time of the call plus the date and location. The study of Prasna is particularly useful while prescribing most astrological mantra remedial measures.

  • Charges £ 51.00
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