Good Luck Guruji has been referred to as one of the world’s “top indian astrologers and mantras specialist”

Good Luck Guruji has been referred to as "one of the world’s “top indian astrologers and mantras specialist” Guruji is generally regarded as one of the masters of astrology, palmistry and vedic mantras and specialises in Rekindle Love With Ex Boyfriend Or Girlfriend, Help & Advice To Remove Black Magic, Helping To Reconcile Love Relationship, Get Ex Back, Bring Lover Back, Win His Or Her Love Heart Back By Vedic Mantras.

Lord Jupiter Transit Predictions By UK Astrologer and Mantras Specialist Guruji

The ruler Lord Jupiter, better known as the indicator of good fortune, is the biggest planet of the solar system. Its slow but meaningful transit is bound to have a positive effect on your life. During its 13 years journey through the zodiac, it will spend around 13 months in each of the signs. The mighty and caring Lord Jupiter, which is transiting Leo at this time, during the period known as the Simhastha Guru, will enter the sign Virgo on 11 August 2016 and will continue to reside there until 12 September 2017.
Majestic Lord Jupiter signifies wisdom, knowledge, wealth, good fortune, freedom and acceptance. It is also a giver of optimism, growth, prosperity, generosity, and happiness. It can have a significant influence on a person’s intellect, their passion, and compassion. The Simhastha Guru Period is highly beneficial for spiritual gains, and religious practices. However, it is not a time for considering marriage or other close relationships, especially from 12 September 2016 to 10 October 2016. Considerations such as marriage, business or finance initiatives, and also religious ceremonies should best be delayed if possible. When Jupiter is in this state, it can affect the positive attitude of the individual, and so life changes should be avoided.

How will this affect your Moon sign and your future?

Here is an in-depth analysis of how Jupiter transit can affect each sign.

This planetary transition can bear good fortune and success for Aries. However, as Jupiter transit will be in the sixth house, try to avoid any legal disagreements. A favourable time for monetary gains in either a business or a profession. Ninth lord positioned in sixth house indicates a need for more effort and hard work to reach personal goals. Any minor health concerns should not be ignored. Jupiter aspects its own sign in 12th house, so you can expect positive results from foreign related work. Generally, this period is favourable for both financial and domestic issues.
Jupiter transit will transit in fifth house, which is a favourable time for Taurus. Effortsmade towards a positive direction together with constructive plans, can lead to muchbetter earnings. Hard work will not go unnoticed and recognition will beforthcoming. An interest in learning new things can only prove positive. This is aparticularly good time for students who can expect positive results in examinations. There is some indication of frequent religious activities. In general, a very favourabletime for those born with Moon in Taurus.
As Jupiter will transits in fourth house, domestic comfort, possessions, and overall happiness is signified. This position affects positive career moves, indicating you are likely to achieve considerable progress in any profession. Recognition, appreciation and promotion are all possible, helping to gain respect and a deserved reputation for your efforts. During this time you might want to spend more time on spiritual and religious activities. In general, a favourable time period for Gemini leading to a harmonious domestic and social life.
With Jupiter transit in third house, fortune awaits Cancer. Encouragement, motivation and a positive outlook is yours. As a feeling of confidence overwhelms you, it is best not to get too carried away. This is a favourable time period for marriage and for making marriage plans. For those already married, times could not be better. Money matters are well favoured and come as a direct result of dedicated effort and hard work. Cancer has only to emerge and work hard to achieve any personal or professional goals.
For Leo, Jupiter transit is in the second house, which represents wealth, family, personal assets and early education. Jupiter, lord of fifth and eighth house will help in the accumulation of wealth from many different means. Any finances, which have been unattainable will now be released to you. A special family occasion is indicated and expense is highlighted. This is a positive time for career prospects or to find progress in a business project. The outlook indicates a harmonious period for Leo.
Being the lord of fourth and seventh house, Jupiter transit in your own sign will move towards a logical approach and peaceful mind. For many single Virgos marriage is favoured during this time, leading to peace and harmony. For married couples, there are signs of a deeper understanding. Good fortune awaits those who are willing to learn about new subjects. This applies to those who are in business also. There is the possibility of a new and significant purchase for some as finances improve. This is a fortunate period in general for Moon in Virgo.
libraLibraFor those born with Moon in Libra, Jupiter transit will be in twelfth house. This is not a particularly favourable position for Jupiter, and indications point to a continued period of travel. However, any long distance journeys, especially overseas, could prove to be very beneficial financially. Business, career or work related matters all look very positive. You are likely to experience some expense relating to religious matters at this time, including the possibility of a pilgrimage. Some indications of health related matters need attention. Although the transit will bring some positive results, health may suffer a little at this time.
Jupiter transit in eleventh house of Moon in Scorpio forms a strong “dhana yoga”. A very positive year lies ahead in terms of finances but you will need to make the right decisions. However, business and careers are both favoured. The transit also brings possibilities of marriage and even children are likely for some. A major, joyous occasion affecting the whole family is indicated. The transit is also favourable for anything related to study or new learning. In general a relatively stable time for Scorpio although the many events could make you feel a little tired at times.
Jupiter transit is in tenth house and dedication towards attaining a respectable position pays off, making this a favourable time for career and business related matters. However, too much work can have a diverse effect on your health. This is a good time to expand your business or invest in property. Students preparing for exams are likely to experience some positive results. For those experiencing any legal disputes or conflicts will also benefit from this transit period. In general, a favourable period is indicated for Sagittarius.
With Jupiter transit in ninth house, there is a highlight on higher learning, wisdom and wealth. For those born with Moon in Capricorn there is significant benefit from Jupiter transit in many different ways. Long journeys will prove to be very beneficial specially if they are associated with some religious pursuits. As Jupiter bestows you with wisdom, it is a good time to study towards higher education. Siblings are also likely to perform well in education and excel in their chosen fields. Health matters could prove to be troublesome for those who ignore them.
As Jupiter transits in eighth house for Moon in Aquarius there could be mixed reactions. Care should be taken in relation to finances as a possible loss is indicated. Best to be sure about any business or financial decisions or major investments. There could be some unexpected travel, which will take up a lot of your time during this period. A good time to get involved with spiritual activities but take care and keep focused on the beneficial outcomes. In general, there will be positive outcomes for those who work hard towards achieving results.
Jupiter transit is likely to open new avenues of opportunities for Pisces. Finances are likely to improve through several income streams. There are signs of a marriage proposal or even a wedding at this time. The normally emotional Pisces will experience a long period of peace and tranquillity instead of the roller coaster feelings of the past. The downside to this new state is reluctance and laziness but if you want to taste success then you will have to get motivated and take action. In general a very harmonious time for Pisces.
Note:- All predictions are generic in nature. Events and outcomes can vary and affect people in different ways, depending upon the relation of transiting Jupiter with natal and other planets according to birth chart. To learn how Jupiter transit will affect you personally, you can order a personalised Jupiter Transit Report based on the knowledge and experience of world renowned Vedic Astrologer Guruji.

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