• Helping to reconcile love Relationships

    Helping to reconcile love Relationships

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  • Help to restore love Relationships

    Help to restore love Relationships

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  • Help & advice to remove Black Magic

    Help & advice to remove Black Magic

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  • Get relief from Black Magic Curses

    Get relief from Black Magic Curses

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  • Specialising in Mantras

    Specialising in Mantras

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  • Rekindle love with ex boyfriend or girlfriend

    Rekindle love with ex boyfriend or girlfriend

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Get Daily Horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign. Daily horoscope and astrology readings forecasts how the stars are going to impact your life.

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Take a look at the coming week to see what trends are developing and what areas of your chart are being impacted. Find out which are the good and the not so good days.

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Take a journey through the coming month to see what trends are developing and what areas of your chart are being impacted. Find out which are the good and the not so good days.

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Your yearly horoscope is an exhaustive astrological Report that centers around the celestial planets, configurations and nakshatras etc and how they stand to Impact you.

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21 Years of Successful Astrology, Palmistry And Vedic Mantras Services

2017 marks the 21st anniversary of the UK’s most highly successful and best regarded Indian Vedic Astrologer Guruji. During this time Guruji Astrologer has grown in popularity and his services are now well known throughout the UK, where he settled over two decades ago.

He has since expanded his astrology business and now operates from both Birmingham and South London, where by appointment his prospective clients can arrange a one-to-one meeting with him face to face. He does however have world-wide reach by telephone, email, Skype, Viber and Whatsapp, ensuring he is accessible to all his clients wherever they are.

Guruji Astrologer, Astrology And Mantras Specialist would like to express a very warm, whole-hearted thankyou to all his clients and followers everywhere in the world for their loyal support over the last 21 years.

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Indian Vedic Astrologer Guruji, is famous the world over. He has been practicing his craft for more than 36 years and has become a trusted source for help, advice and guidance to many followers in the UK, India, Canada, Africa, Australia, Dubai and even Saudi Arabia.

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Vedic Mantras and Remedies for Reducing the Malefic ( Bad)Effects of Shani Graha By Guruji Astrologer

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Lord Rahu ( Dragon Head ) Bless You All With Unlimited Prosperity, Happiness, Good Health And Sudden Monetary Gain In 2017.

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Guruji Astrologer London UK says you can fix your Problems up to 75% by yourself Through Vedic Mantras. Only in rare and serious cases you need proper professional mantras specialist help when your problems are in last stages.Mantras are very powerful if do according to good Nakshatra and in suggested time according to Vedic Astrology...Guruji have more than 50,000 clients all over the world specially in UK, Australia, Europe, UAE, Canada, USA, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Jimbawe and Pakistan etc.Guruji is specialise in helping clients through Mantras, Spiritual Healing, Vedic Astrology, Face Reading and palm reading.On the auspicious days Like…
Are You Feeling Failed in Love & Relations ? Consult Astro Guruji who specialised in Fixing Love and Relationship By Mantras. Love life and relationship are a vital part to make your life complete. But are these relations becoming hindrances and holding you back from go forward ? Instead of being your support are these creating problems? The red burning planet Lord Mars and the planet of Love ( Intimacy ) *Lord Venus are both travelling through the same sign – Capricorn. Capricorn is making Lord Mars intensify all its powers and ignite the passion for your love life and…
Astrology is science based and is often linked to Astronomy, Alchemy and Medicine. The origin of Astrology can be traced right back to the Vedas where it is referred to as ‘Jyotish’, meaning related to light. In this context light refers to knowledge which reveals the correct life path and guidance towards a better and more secure future. Sceptics have long ridiculed the use of Astrology as a means for diagnosing life problems. However, in recent times, many an experienced practitioner have persuaded then to think otherwise. The association with phases of the moon and its correlation to activity on…
In the Hindu pantheon, Lord Shiva is the god of destruction, and a symbol of mercy. He is also very easily pleased. The Mantras that sing his praises and appeal to him may help improve your quality of life, and fill your days with happiness and contentment. Many Mantras are devoted to Lord Shiva and each Mantra has its own special set of benefits.
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Specialising in Mantras

Guruji on Aaj Tak

    Guruji Astrologer London UK

    Guruji Astrologer On AAJ TAK

    On Popular Demand Astro Guruji Astrology Programme By Guruji Astrologer Start Coming Every Week On Saturday @ 12.30 Noon From 31/12/2016. You Can See Astro Guruji Programme in UK, Europe and Middle East Countries.
    Click here to see Guruji Astrologer in a programme namely Astro Guruji on AAJ TAK Sky Channel no 818


    Love Psychic Readings




    • Dayaram Patel, Finsbury Park, London, UK 2013

      * "Dear Guruji,

      I felt I should write to you and let you know that since I spoke to you about my problem, which was nearly 2 months ago, all is now calm and well in my life. You will remember I contacted you because I had a strange feeling that a curse had been placed on me by my brother-in-law.

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    • Steve , London may 2006

      * Really helped me understand my boyfriend better and get our relationship back on track... You are great gurujee maharaj

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    • Karren, Manchester UK jan 2007

      * The Astrological reading was excellent, and I appreciated the thoroughness of it. Also, I appreciated the honesty of this site -- it was genuine, like it said, Thanks!

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    • Neelam khan Birmingham march 2008

      * My life was in turmoil and I didn't have any peace of mind, I needed some spiritual help and guidance, so I consulted Gurujee Maharaj. I wanted my birth chart created and then Gurujee explained to me

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    • MR & MRS NISHI KHAN, LONDON jan 2009

      * I came across your web site while I was hunting who can solve my problems...I am from London and I was suffering from hard black magic, something very strange which is within myself or in house

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    • Miss Rita Patel, 17/08/2011, London, UK

      * Astrologer Gurujee is a lovely, kind, caring and genuine Spiritual Healer & Specialised in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my Boyfriend of 2 years. He kept threatening to leave me

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    • Rashid Chandarana, Hinckley, Leics

      * Three weeks after I came back from my annual visit to India, I fell ill with a mysterious illness. Doctors were unsure what was causing it and I had to undergo all kinds of tests. None of the tests revealed anything

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    • Sukhi Singh - Canada, Vancouver 05/05/2013

      * After being disappointed with a few unsuccessful Astrologers (who show off with cheap consultation prices on their websites),

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    • Siddhra Qureshi, From London, Slough -15/04/2013

      * My Health was very bad. I felt as if someone was doing black magic on me. A family member told me about Guruji, said he could heal and protect me from black magic. Luckily he had an office in London, so it was convenient for me to meet him.

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    • kalven ,Las Vegas , United States may 2007

      * This was very thorough and satisfying and seemed extremely accurate with many elements that I had encountered before in previous readings. It is very helpful and provides insight and guidance

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    • Paramjit Singh (Birmingham) Feb. 2005

      * I had seen your interview on zee TV in programme (out and about) and it came at a time when I was suffering from health and hardship in my married life, after seen you interview I had no where to turn

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    • * Reviews

      Testimonials/ Reviews - How To Get Your Lover Back By Mantras By Astrologer and Love psychic Guruji.

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    • Miss B.Kaur, London UK FEB 2009

      * My boyfriend and I were in love for 3 and half years and we lived together almost 2 and half year. He used to care me more than his own life. He used to love me and take care of me like a baby.

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    • Sanjay Patel, Ilford March 2009

      * Gurujee managed to take the black magic away from my wife to be and bring her back to me. He identified complications and problems that made my loving girlfriend leave me and want to stay away from me. In a matter of two months she has come back to me and wants to marry me and is in love with me.

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    • Dabbie , Cardiff jan 2006

      * I want to let you know by your help & advice I got the job and the girl friend. To my surprise the telephone reading was so right , so accurate. Thank you

      Read more

    • Surinder Singh, Birmingham, UK 2013

      * "Guruji please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all your help. When my wife left me I was desperate and didn't know who to turn to.

      Read more

    • Mr Raj Kumar 13/03/2011

      * Hello everyone, my name is Raj Kumar. I was leading a normal happy life with my wife & kids up until last year when my wife left me for another man. A man from her office, she was having an affair

      Read more

    • Miss Razia khan, UK. August 2010

      * I came to see Guruji in April of 2010, at that time I was in a very bad emotional and physical state. I had interacted with a physic healer before I met with Guruji, who promised me he would reunite

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    • Mohamed Raja Aslam

      * Gurujee Maharaj namaskar-I am writing to let you know that I am now enjoying my fruitful life, business with success.

      Read more

    • Nishi Chauhan, Notting Hill. London, UK 2013

      * "Hello Guruji, I wanted to let you know that since I had a horoscope reading from you back in February, everything you said was going to happen has happened. I can't believe it and it's a bit unnerving because there is one thing that has not happened yet.

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    • Sanjai (New Delhi) India March 2004

      * Dear Gurujee-I spoke to you about my professional and family life and all our problems. We are thankful that we found you as our spiritual Guru who let us know how to lead our life with peace and happiness. Thank you

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    • Mr B Singh 20/09/2011, UK

      * Hi, I'm a dentist and have been running my own practice for 20 yrs. Earlier this year, I started hating my job, I didn't feel like working, stopped attending panel consultations etc etc. As a result,

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    • Raj Kumar (U.S.A) march 2005

      * Respected Gurujee Maharaj-I am very grateful for your help and support support and religious Jantra Puja remedies. You have done so much for me.Thank you very much.

      Read more

    • Kuljeet Bhamra From Birmingham, Sutton- 25/04/2013

      * Hello, I had a suspicion that my Auntie was doing Black Magic on me so wanted help to find out truth. My best friend told me about Astrologer Guruji so I called him to explain my situation.

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    • Shaz Jawaid, Coventry, UK

      * When problems started in my business I wasn't too worried because I had experienced similar problems before. However, when I started getting panic attacks I was at a loss to explain what was happening to me.

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    • Mr Amit Sadhra, East London, February 2009

      * I was with a girl for 8 months. We were in love and agreed to get married as we were the right age and cared and loved each other alot. Our families were happy and united as 1 big family.

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    • Sikandar Khan

      * My Girlfriend left me a week to our wedding ceremony and my life was upside down.she was with me for two years

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    • John Miller, Putney, London March 2012

      * I had been married for just 2 years when things started to go wrong. My wife was beginning to go out more with her friends and was hardly ever home. She began to neglect our home and was very distant with me.

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    • Rita Singh - Manchester- 01/05/2013

      * I contacted Guruji (found him through an Astrology search). My situation...distressed after many failed meetings in an attempt to find a Husband through the traditional arranged method. 

      Read more

    • Laksha Dewyani, Vancouver , Canada 2013

      * "Hello Guruji,

      I am writing to thank you for helping me with getting my ex boyfriend back. When he kept telling me he was working out of town I was a bit suspicious as you know. Then when I realised he was cheating on me it was all over. But it is hard to suddenly not love someone who

      Read more

    • Dr R. Sharma Hayes, London 12/11/2016

      “When my wife left me over 6 months ago I didn’t know which way to turn. I was too embarrassed to tell my family because they might think it was all my fault and that I was a complete failure. I tried my best to keep it a secret but her leaving me affected me in so many ways I couldn’t sleep properly or focus on my job. I was desperate. I loved my wife dearly and just wanted her back home.”
      “I confided in a friend who suggested I contact Guruji Astrologer. I was bit hesitant at first but then what else could I do? Guruji was very understanding and agreed to help me. He asked me to recite a special mantra and within a few days I got a phone call from my wife. She wanted to come home and sort things out.”
      “I owe Guruji an eternal debt of gratitude for everything he has done for me. Thank you Guruji.”

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    • George Benson From London, Ealing -04/04/2013

      * I owned an established successful business, however, for the past year, it felt as if the growth of my company was stubbed.As if it was facing obstacles from all angles (e.g. relationships with suppliers/clients etc).

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    • Michael Collier, Kettering, Northants

      * My girlfriend and I had been engaged for almost 18 months and we had planned to marry in the Autumn of 2011. However, 2 months before the wedding my girlfriend decided to go off on

      Read more

    • Mr & Mrs Sharma (Germany) Jan-2004

      * Hello Gurujee-Namaskar-I want to let you know that you have done so much for me and my family because that time me and my family suffered from black magic, therefore loss of money,

      Read more

    • Vijay Singh, California , USA 2013

      * "I contacted Astrologer Guruji and asked him if he would do a horoscope reading for me.

      Read more

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